Zippo Cancels Charity Festival 2009: Bradford Pa

Zippo Cancels Charity Festival


- The downturn in the economy has cost people their jobs, businesses profits and now rock music and Playboy Playmates for residents of Bradford, Pa. The event was going to be called Zippo Fest and was to be held July 18 in Bradford, where the 77-year-old company is headquartered. It was going to the inaugural Zippo Fest, a music-themed event featuring live music from the rock band Shinedown and others, plus Playboy Playmates, fireworks and more. The event was going to cost $8, with all proceeds going to local charities. In a press release the company sent out last week it said ''along with numerous other businesses in the U.S. and around the world, Zippo is responding to the current economic situation,'' by canceling the festival. ''In recognition of the serious economic situation, we want to tightly manage and allocate our marketing resources for greater sales impact,'' said Mark Paup, Zippo vice president of sales and marketing. ''Our focus is on driving sales and revenue growth for maximum return. Therefore, we feel it is in our best interest to cancel the event.'' Paup also noted that despite the downturn in the economy and the canceling of the charity festival, the Zippo brand remains strong and other elements of the company's 2009 marketing program remain as planned. Zippo is known worldwide for manufacturing refillable, metal lighter. Thousands of different styles and designs have been made in the seven decades since their introduction

George G. Blaisdell founded Zippo Manufacturing Company in 1932, and produced the first Zippo lighter in early 1933, being inspired by an Austrian cigarette lighter of similar design. It got its name because Blaisdell liked the sound of the word "zipper " and "zippo" sounded more modern. On March 3, 1936, patent was granted for the Zippo lighter.


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Zippo Cancels Charity Festival

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