You could own a house for 100 2009: Bolden Pitching

You could own a house for 100

Bolden is pitching a dream house valued up to $600,000 for $100.

"The house of your choice could be the house of your choice," he says. "It could be in Virginia or it could be in Maine." And all it costs is a hundred bucks The catch is that the $100 is the cost of a raffle ticket. Bolden, 81, is the founder of the Santa Clarita Valley Rotary Club's "House of Your Choice" fundraiser designed to give the lucky winner a big financial leg up during the country's worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. "We see the real winners being the charities that this fundraising will help," says Bolden, a longtime Santa Clarita resident and chairman of the Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers, one of the beneficiaries of the "House of Your Choice" event. Fundraising has been brisk in the last two weeks, Bolden said, and is expected to build up leading to a drawing in November.

To make it even more tempting, the raffle winner will get a lot of help in getting off to a good start in his or her new home, Bolden said.


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You could own a house for 100

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