Wrestling comes to Glendale stadium 2009: Phoenix Ap

Wrestling comes to Glendale stadium

PHOENIX (AP) -- Glendale officials see dollar signs and a full house at Cardinals stadium after World Wrestling Entertainment and the city announced it

will host next year's Wrestlemania. WWE's Vince McMahon promises the event will be like the Super Bowl of wrestling. "Wherever there is fun, that's where we'll be," said McMahon, the WWE's chairman. Glendale officials hope the event packs the football stadium with 65,000 crazed fans. Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs said the $35 million to $50 million boost the event is expected to bring in comes "at a time when we really do need this economic impact." WWE officials said they were talking with Glendale's entertainment district, the Westgate City Center, about hosting WrestleMania's Rock the Block Party. And like the NFL Experience, WrestleMania Axxess will likely be set up near the stadium with four days of fan activities, officials said.

WWE officials said other celebrations could be scattered around metro Phoenix including charity auctions, a charity golf tournament and a WWE Hall of Fame induction.


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Wrestling comes to Glendale stadium

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