Web Site Begins Promoting Wine Tasting Cruises for Charity 2009: Aliso Viejo

Web Site Begins Promoting Wine Tasting Cruises for Charity

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., Feb.

19 /PRNewswire/ -- As a new comprehensive resource for wine lovers, VINDUVIN will bring wineries and oenophiles together on the Internet as never before. One of the avenues is the website , the other is by offering Wine Tasting Cruises through various ports of call. A cruise will be held this Sunday, February 22nd, 2009 at 2431 West Coast Highway (PCH) in Newport Beach, California aboard the Entertainer (a Hornblower Yacht Company) our departure time will be at 4pm. "The economy is the reason why I am doing this," states Kesoglou. With higher prices on fuel everything has gone up including overnight stays and food costs. Kesoglou goes on by saying, "If a person were to go Wine Tasting with their significant other it would cost them more than $400, this is calculating fuel costs, lunch and dinner, and wine tasting fees associated," adding, "What we offer is an experience that a person can enjoy safely and responsibly." Kesoglou himself has been familiar with wine ever since he was a little boy in Greece, growing up stomping grapes. He really became infatuated with the art of wine in 1997 when he went to Napa Valley, California for the first time while completing his undergraduate courses at San Jose State University. As he visited various Napa wineries, on a limited college budget, he scoured Internet and print publications for a comprehensive source that would identify the locations of all wineries in the area. He found that none existed no single, global publication catalogued all wineries and made them accessible to wine lovers. Kesoglou started VINDUVIN () to fill that need.


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Web Site Begins Promoting Wine Tasting Cruises for Charity

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