Upcoming blue jean ball and more at OLR 2009: Submitted Anita

Upcoming blue jean ball and more at OLR

Submitted by Anita Sleeman [anitasleemancharter.net] &bull February 24, 2009 Our Lady of the Rosary's Lady Lions basketball team finished the regular season with a

record of 5 and 1 and placed second in the league. The school has been selected by the Diocese of Charleston to serve as the upstate two-way teleconferencing center. OLR, along with Bishop England High School in Charleston, and Cardinal Newman in Columbia will be upfitted by AT&ampT with state of the art teleconferencing equipment to help the Diocese alleviate principal travel. This equipment will be installed and ready for operation by the beginning of next school year. Tickets are now on sale for the annual school gala, this year's theme "OLR Blue Jean Ball." All gala information can be found on the website at The school is seeking volunteers and patrons for the upcoming BMW Charity Pro-Am. As a chosen Charity we hope that you will consider contacting us to volunteer, attend the event or enter a team for the Charity Pro-Am. For more information please contact Anita Sleeman (864) 277-5350 ext. 230.

OLR will celebrate Ash Wednesday Mass on Wednesday, 25th at 8:30 A.M. The school choir will sing at Mass.


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Upcoming blue jean ball and more at OLR

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