Ubisofts madcap Rabbids breeding US fans 2009: French Videogame

Ubisofts madcap Rabbids breeding US fans

French videogame titan Ubisoft is turning E3 into a playground for "Rabbids," madcap videogame rabbits breeding fans throughout Europe and the United States.

E3 attendees will be invited to hurl t-shirts and other tchotchkes given away at the event into a colossal faux toilet. Rabbids will heap offerings on a trash mountain of items that will be donated to charity or recycled after E3 concludes on Thursday. The stunt is intended as levity as well as an unmasked promotion of an Ubisoft "Rabbids Go Home" videogame making an E3 debut. The Romanian band's music is featured in the fourth installment of an increasingly popular videogame franchise. "Go Home" play centers of getting the wacky animated characters to snatch all the "human stuff" they can find and pile it high enough to reach the moon. "They are like spoiled four-year-olds distracted by everything," said Ubisoft game producer Adrian Lacey of the Rabbids team in southern France.

"They are the child in everyone the rebellious creature that does all the things we don't dare do but would like to."


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Ubisofts madcap Rabbids breeding US fans

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