Twitter fans raise £700000 for water charity 2009: Worldwide Charity

Twitter fans raise £700000 for water charity

A worldwide charity appeal was set to raise &pound700,000 today as satellite parties in 174 cities around the world got under way alongside a

"mother" event in London. The 26-year-old PR executive from Highgate and four friends were the first to bring together Twitter members last year. "It began last August during a pub conversation," he said. "We expected 30 or 40 people at the first one and... 300 people turned up. Then we saw interest from other cities. &pound700,000 is a lot of money for a drunken pub conversation." Twestival organiser Amanda Rose said the internet had provided a unique opportunity for spontaneous fundraising, while participant Terese Christiansen, 29, from Stepney Green, said: "It makes you feel part of something bigger". Keith Vaz MP arguably comes out of the Boris Johnson "Fgate" affair worse than the Mayor. After all, just how gentlemanly was it of Vaz to leak details of a private telephone conversation Including Chloe, Ghost, D&ampG, Diesel and Mimi Holliday

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Twitter fans raise £700000 for water charity

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