Therese Reins new diet is not halfbaked 2009: Therese Rein

Therese Reins new diet is not halfbaked

THERESE Rein displayed the steely resolve behind her recent weight loss yesterday while serving chocolate cake, gingerbread and florentines to Canberra's diplomatic spouses.

Hosting a charity event at The Lodge, Ms Rein enjoyed a cup of tea but declined any of the tempting finger food. The morning tea was one of thousands to be held across Australia to raise money for the . There were clouds of perfume, hats, gloves and even a parasol as guests enjoyed raspberry spritzers and tea from gold-rimmed china. Ms Rein spoke movingly about her own loved ones who had battled the disease. "My mother-in-law Margaret, for example, died of lung cancer," she said. "And when I was a child, when I was about eight, my best friend at the time got leukemia and passed away. I just remember that sense of loss." Looking noticeably slimmer than a few months ago, Ms Rein wore a double-breasted white jacket, black ruffled skirt and knee-length suede boots.

She cut a decorated Cancer Council cake for her guests, but limited herself to light refreshments. "I'm not eating any," she said.


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Therese Reins new diet is not halfbaked

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