Sweet Dreams hosts charity tasting event for PayItForward house 2009: Sweet Dream

Sweet Dreams hosts charity tasting event for PayItForward house

Sweet Dream Desserts and Catering, Inc.

made culinary dreams come true for over 200 people who attended a charity tasting event Tuesday night. &226&8364&339Most people think we just do desserts,&226&8364 said Deanna Watkins, owner of Sweet Dream, 1969B DeKalb Ave., Sycamore. &226&8364&339We wanted them to know that we do more than just deli sandwiches and cakes. And we wanted to show them that we could do it on site and not just in our store.&226&8364 Items on the tables in the Midwest Museum of Natural History, 425 West State St., Sycamore, included a tangy pasta salad crispy, tender chicken spicy potatoes flavorful veal marsala smoky chicken and beef kabobs and exquisite stuffed mushrooms. The dessert tables included rich chocolate cake, small portions of tiramisu served in tiny martini glasses as well as assortments of cupcakes and cookies. Food was prepared by Sweet Dream chef Phil Watkins and desserts were prepared by Deanna Watkins as well as employees of Sweet Dream and other organizations. &226&8364&339I wanted to make [this event] reception-like, so I invited a photographer, I invited wedding [and] invitation designers,&226&8364 Deanna said. &226&8364&339I invited a flower person and the local balloon lady. They all come together and donate their wares and make it a fun event with something to do besides just eat.&226&8364 For some, the best part of the night wasn&226&8364&8482t the food but the fact they were contributing to the Pay-It-Forward House, 719 Somonauk St., Sycamore. This former private home was transformed into a place for families of patients at Kindred Hospital-Sycamore to rest and relax. &226&8364&339It gives people a place to stay without being at the hospital, a different environment,&226&8364 Deanna said. The not-for-profit organization provides rooms for friends and loved ones of patients for a minimum of $5 a night, although many donate much more. People are welcome to drop in during the day for complementary drinks and cookies, shower and laundry facilities or just to take a nap. &226&8364&339I read an article on [the Pay-It-Forward House] and thought it was so awesome that someone would do that,&226&8364 Deanna said. Mary Lou Eubanks, the executive director of Pay-It-Forward House, was equally impressed with Deanna and Phil Watkins. &226&8364&339When...I found out [what] Phil and Deanna were going to do this evening and the proceeds were to benefit Pay-It-Forward House, [I] was astonished,&226&8364 Eubanks said. &226&8364&339But now that I&226&8364&8482m here this evening, I&226&8364&8482m even more astonished.&226&8364

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Sweet Dreams hosts charity tasting event for PayItForward house

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