Stars Give Eggs And Plates To Feed America 2009: Harvest Premier

Stars Give Eggs And Plates To Feed America

, Second Harvest Premier charity auction site is hosting two very special celebrity auctions for Feeding America&8230 and one only has a few hours

left to run. The eggs were decorated at the recent Diet Pepsi Holiday House event to support the cause of fighting hunger in America. United Egg Producers donated a truckload of eggs to Feeding America for every egg decorated. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, along with Healthy Choice and the ConAgra Foods Foundation, presented a generous donation of $250,000 to Feeding America on April 18 &226&8364&8220 providing more than 1.75 million meals, or plates of food, to children and families in need. Celebrity guests at the event autographed the plates as a symbolic gesture in the ongoing fight against hunger. Dreyfus is also auctioning off signed storyboard props used in the filming of the new Healthy Choice commercials for the organization.

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Stars Give Eggs And Plates To Feed America

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