Sour economy no excuse for stinginess 2009: Yoursquore Probably

Sour economy no excuse for stinginess

You&rsquore probably tired of hearing about how the economy&rsquos in trouble.

No wonder, because the message is tiring. People are losing their jobs, college has become even more unaffordable, we&rsquore all doomed. With constant reminders of our shoddy economic state, it&rsquos easy to get exhausted from the bleak outlook. It&rsquos probable that many of you, however, despite hardships, are still hanging on. Sure, hunting for a job or an internship may be more difficult, and paying for college may have become even more of a struggle. Even so, it&rsquos likely that you&rsquove got enough money to feed, clothe and shelter yourself reasonably well, with money left over for trips to the bars and movies. Keep in mind the necessity of making charitable donations at this time. Many organizations need donations to keep going, but the economic crisis is preventing them from operating. For example, chapters of the American Red Cross are having to adapt to unfortunate economic conditions. Some are laying off workers in Washington D.C., almost one-third of the 3,000 employees working in the organization&rsquos headquarters were laid off. Other branches of the Red Cross are reducing hours of operation, canceling volunteer training or shutting down entirely. In the event of a disaster, these effects could be devastating. Charitable donations are more important than ever don&rsquot stop making contributions because of the economic hard times. Make it a personal goal to give to a charity or organization you care about, even if it&rsquos only a little bit. What is the first thing you will do on a nice day The Exponent

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Sour economy no excuse for stinginess

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