Salford matadors comeback kill 2009: Spotty Showers

Salford matadors comeback kill

Spotty showers Temp High: 23&176C / 74&176F Paul Carter SALFORD matador Frank Evans, 67,&194 has stepped back into the bullring.

More than 1,000 spectators cheered one of the greatest comebacks as he defied the advice of doctors by fighting and killing a bull. And after the contest, Evans pledged to carry on until I drop dead, possibly in the ring. That'd be a good way to go'. He added: "People say I'm too old to carry on and it's too dangerous at my age, but you're only as old as you feel. "There's a 98-year-old man who runs marathons. If he can do that, I can fight a bull." The fight was a charity event at Almaha de Granada, a large village outside Granada, where Frank, known as El Ingles' took part with three other bullfighters, including a woman, Christina Hernandez, who was making her debut. Frank said: "When I first started as a bullfighter back in the mid-60s it was unheard of for women to fight bulls. "Now it's not so uncommon and you do see one or two coming through." Each fighter fought one two-year-old bull each and Frank said: "It was a good fight. I killed my bull first time and was awarded two ears." Frank's life story, which is about to be told in a book The Last British Bullfighter due out in August, is attracting the attention of Hollywood filmmakers. He added: "I've been approached about a film with the lead played by Harvey Keitel. We'll have to wait and see on that one. "In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the book coming out." His book charts his journey from his dad's butchers shop in Salford, where he worked as an eight-year-old, to the bullrings of Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. Manchester's definitive entertainment guide.

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Salford matadors comeback kill

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