Recycled prom dresses will help Third World poor 2009: Learned Doing

Recycled prom dresses will help Third World poor

When she learned he was doing this for a charity that provides shoes for millions of the world's shoeless poor, she was inspired.

The charity, known as Samaritan's Feet, was founded by a Nigerian native and successful businessman who experienced a life-changing event when as a young boy he was given a pair of tennis shoes, the first shoes he ever owned. The charity's goal is to equip 10 million poor with shoes over the next 10 years. One day, not long after, Madeline, a resident of Interlaken, and her childhood friends Hannah Boyce and Becky Gilman, who attend Ocean Township High School, were discussing the outrageous cost of prom dresses. The trio had a brainstorm and thought of a way to address two real needs &8212 the world's shoeless poor and the strapped American teenager. Thus, Formalwear 4 Footwear was conceived. With the help of Catherine Silva, another RBR student, the four teenagers decided to coordinate a clothing drive for gently used prom attire. Their intent was to sell the clothing at very reasonable prices during prom season, with proceeds benefiting Samaritan's Feet. Madeline explains, "We wanted to make it as successful as we could, so we thought of doing this as a cooperative effort between our two high schools." The teens kicked off their drive at the basketball season's opener when RBR faced off against Ocean Township.

Mimicking the inspirational college coach, all the coaches agreed to go shoeless while the four young philanthropists displayed signs announcing Formalwear 4 Footwear. The girls created fliers and posted them throughout their school communities.


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Recycled prom dresses will help Third World poor

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