Peter Andre hopes for sex life boost 2009: Saturday April

Peter Andre hopes for sex life boost

Saturday, April 25 2009, 19:30 BST WENN Peter Andre has revealed that he is eager for his sex life to get "back on track"

following the London Marathon tomorrow. The pop singer has been busy training for the event with his wife Katie Price after they to raise &163250,000 for the NSPCC and Vision charities. "We've been absolutely knackered for the past few weeks," Andre told The Mirror. "So there are two main reasons I want to complete the run. "One, because it's for charity. And two because we can get back to normal action in the bedroom. Kate's promised it'll happen on Sunday night, but I'm guessing she'll be pretty knackered after all that running. "Even if she's not, I might not be fit for it! But thank God, our sex life should be back on track pretty soon - I can't wait!"

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Peter Andre hopes for sex life boost

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