NYC Invades Arizona for Kory Laos Charity 2009: Music Meant

NYC Invades Arizona for Kory Laos Charity

"some music was meant to stay underground..." Report N.Y.C.

featuring Tommy Bolan formerly of Warlock, Hemlock, Stands With Fists, Flam Chen, Angelic To Ashes, Cities Like These, Double Speak, and great new band Sinister Mustard kicked off the Kory Laos Memorial Freestyle BMX Bicycle Park Charity summer event series with an amazing Mother's Day concert to remember. The 150 who attended the show for the low price of $ 15 were treated to inspired performances by the acts who played this night. Next up was Double Speak, hard alt with a horn section from hell. These guys were tight and heavy, great show. Third on the bill was young band Cities Like These. They have a massively cohesive sound for such young guys and despite a misake or two, they just came out and obliterated the audience. Fourth up was Angelic To Ashes. Despite playing two acoustic shows for the charity over the weekend, they came out and crushed the crowd with birthday boy lead vocalist Grimy putting on an amazing performance, showing why they're one of the best bands Arizona has to offer.

Next up was longtime power metal band Hemlock, with original lineup now performing. They had the crowd moshing from first note to the last playing their hit songs from all five CDs, with particular attention payed to the song "No Time For Sorrow," which kicked the crowd's ass and mine as well. If you get a chance to check these guys out before they hit Japan again, then check them out.


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NYC Invades Arizona for Kory Laos Charity

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