New questions about Jacksons death 2009: Meanwhile Tribute

New questions about Jacksons death

Meanwhile, a tribute to the "King of Pop" was held in Chicago over the weekend.

The pop star's family still has questions about the circumstances surrounding his death, and the developments on the Michael Jackson investigation are coming in from Los Angeles to Chicago. Joe Jackson, Michael Jacksons father, spoke with ABC7 from California Sunday afternoon. He says he holds suspicions about what happened to his son Thursday. "Michael was dead before he left the house. I'm suspecting foul play somewhere. He was waving to everybody and telling them he loves them and all the fans at the gate, a few minutes after Michael was out there, he was dead," Joe Jackson said. Joe Jackson also said that although he grieves for Michael, he takes pride in the hard work he and his entire family did to make the Jackson name known around the world. On Chicago's South Side Saturday night, there was a celebration of the Motown sound that turned into a Jackson tribute. Originally, it was an event to showcase the 50th anniversary of Motown and black music month on the city's south side. However, it became a celebration and memorial to the moon-walking man who helped make Motown what it is today. More than a thousand fans paid tribute to Michael Jackson.

Earlier on Saturday, other fans shared their memories and honored the king of pop near Jackson's rented la home and his childhood home in Gary, Indiana where the candles and mementos are expanding beyond the front door now.


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New questions about Jacksons death

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