Mock Draft 60 Wecolme to the ATL Cushing 2009: Falcons Qb

Mock Draft 60 Wecolme to the ATL Cushing

Falcons QB Matt Ryan shooting an ESPN commercial with Hannah Storm (l) and Josh Elliot.

If they shoot another one, maybe he'll take linebacker Brian Cushing with him. DRAFTVILLE &8212 Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said the hay is in the barn. The Falcons draft board is all arranged. The Green players are in the green spots. The blue players are in the blue spots. The red guys are in the red slots. The off-the-board guys can find their name plates in the trash dumpster. The matrix is complete. Who should the Falcons draft The Texans could change the Falcons&8217 plans. But after much debate, were&8217 projecting that our friends from H-town will select Florida State&8217s Everette Brown, leaving Cushing to fall to the Falcons. Cushing has some issues. But that&8217s why he&8217ll be there at No. 24. When he comes in to meet the media on Sunday he&8217ll have to explain the steroid accusations that have fellowed him since high school and why he and teammate Clay Matthews Jr. allegedly formed a group called &8220White Nation&8221 on facebook.

Now if the Cushing scenario doesn&8217t unfold for the Falcons, that means another good defender &8212 could be Brown or Penn State&8217s Aaron Maybin &8212 is slipping. Also on the board for the Falcons will be or Missouri defensive tackle Evander &8220Ziggy&8221 Hood.


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Mock Draft 60 Wecolme to the ATL Cushing

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