Miranda Kerr's virgin pride 2009: The Latest

Miranda Kerr's virgin pride

THE latest identity who wants to hitch a ride on the gossamer coat-tails of supermodel Miranda Kerr is none other than Virgin boss, Sir

Richard Branson. The hellraising aviation bigwig, who arrives in town tomorrow in preparation for Friday's inaugural flight of the VAustralia service from Sydney to Los Angeles, has the David Jones/Victoria's Secret model in his sights. He wants to name one of the seven aircraft in the VAustralia fleet after her. A V Australia spokesman confirmed that Kerr is being considered as the airline's answer to Nancy Bird Walton - the late aviatrix, after whom the Qantas 380 was named. "The first VAustralia aircraft is the Didgeree Blue,'' the spokesman said. "The aircraft are usually female in persona and will likely be named after inspiring contemporary women,who match the brand personality for VAustralia.'' Just how inspirational Kerr - the yoga-practising clothes horse and partner of Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom - has been to the women of Australia, remains to be seen. And then there is the little problem of VAustralia cashing in on the marketing potential of Kerr, who is closely aligned to David Jones and Victoria's Secret.

Calls to DJs and Kerr's Australian agent, Chic Celebrity, went unanswered on Friday.


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Miranda Kerr's virgin pride

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