Masquerade Goes Top of The London Launch Pops! 2009: Recent Londonlaunchcom

Masquerade Goes Top of The London Launch Pops!

The recent Midsummer&rsquos Night Networking with the ever funny and quick Colin Moody as the Presenter face of LLTV created some fun interviewee

whacky moments that once again keep Masquerade on top and at the &ldquo very cutting edge of avant-garde entertainment!&rdquo as described by London Launch&rsquos very own funky party boy, Will Broome. With careful behind the scenes planning by Ade and the creative team for some new funky theme and party ideas for Christmas afoot, a follow up special collaboration Jazz concert in November called &ldquoGenesis To Birdland&rdquo with the amazing Warren Wills (Ade acts again as frontline Producer) its all business as abnormal at Masquerade. &ldquoGenesis to Broadway&rdquo in June 2009 at the Shaw Theatre was a massive project and big critical hit and has already become a respected International concert model now for Hong Kong and Australia too.Peter Straker, star of the show and a Masquerade veteran performer was just amazing and has been getting great reviews on his Mel Smith Directed sell-out show this month at the Edinburgh Festival. Peter will be appearing in the next G2B show too as a special guest with Sharon D Clarke, another celebrity Masquerade performer of old who is just about to start in &ldquoHairspray&rdquo in the West End in October. Ade is also eagerly planning a very special charity Xmas Single with Peter, Sharon and Carl &ldquoKung Fu Fighting&rdquo Douglas and Leee John from Imagination and the ever-soulful Colin Roy and Andy Mitchell from Club Masquerade as Moira thinks that a great charity CD is just want Santa Masquerade ordered and London Launch may well get it to the No 1 download position with a bit of help from its fantastic loyal client base! Could it be a 2010 London Launch Awards hit on the 2nd February when Ade and team get to perform it &ldquolive&rdquo maybe! After all, there is more to life than just going to and from work eh There is the mad bad world of Masquerade and Ade and his team to entertain you ad bring a smile to your face this Autumn 2009! And with the 20th year &ldquoMasquerade Reloaded&rdquo Documentary FILM project reaching final post-production too, next year is definitely a Masquerade year-and-a-half to reckon with!

01 September 2009


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Masquerade Goes Top of The London Launch Pops!

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