Luxury on a budget 2009: Have Signed

Luxury on a budget

I HAVE signed up for a charity event that raises money for BEN - the benevolent fund for people in the motor trade.

Essentially, we have to find a banger for less than &pound250 that can make it around the country for three days of events. The cars are then auctioned off to raise money for the charity. Obviously I want to do this with some flair, so I have been looking for luxury cars - Jaguars, Lexus, Mercedes C-Class and the like. The doubters say it's not possible. &pound250 cars are off the end of the price guide scale and no dealer will have one. But the process of trawling has reminded me just how many great big luxury saloons can be yours for so little. Here are three: Lexus LS Superb to drive and be driven in. Outside of the top draw Rollers this is the last word in refinement. Latest Hybrid engine fashionable, but V8 petrols shed value fast, making them a bargain used limousine.

Most economical: 4.3


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Luxury on a budget

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