Jumpers bungee for charity in Cockermouth 2009: Friday 14

Jumpers bungee for charity in Cockermouth

Friday, 14 August 2009 A BUNGEE jump event in Cockermouth on Sunday raised more than &194&1631,000 for the Copeland Occupational & Social Centre.

The Fletcher Christian Tavern, on Main Street, raised the money for the charity which supports adults with disabilities, when 30 people took turns to jump in South Street car park. Landlord John Reid said: &8220It was a fantastic day and I was pleased with the turnout for the event. &8220I think before the day we were expecting 40 jumpers but we are still pleased with the amount that took part. &8220We have already collected &1631,000 and hope to raise around &1631,500 once we have collected all the money because there is still a lot to come in. &8220This charity doesn&8217t always receive the attention it deserves although it supports so many local people and their families.&8221

Covers band Brightside and MB&8217s disco played after the event.


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Jumpers bungee for charity in Cockermouth

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