Indoor soccer fundraiser to benefit Brazilian youths 2009: 22683648482net Os

Indoor soccer fundraiser to benefit Brazilian youths

On the &226&8364&8482Net To learn more about Os Brinquedos Magicos, visit .

To learn more about Lar Fabiano de Cristo, visit Lar Fabiano de Cristo. Both sites are in Portuguese. For English translations, visit and enter the Web sites. Michele Leite never dreamed that a volunteer project in Brazil would lead to international soccer games in Steamboat Springs. But that&226&8364&8482s exactly what will happen next week, when Leite hosts an indoor soccer fundraiser at Steamboat Springs High School. Leite said the event is notable not only for the underprivileged Brazilian children it will help, but also for the impressive display of local cultural diversity it will showcase. &226&8364&339It&226&8364&8482s really important to mention that everybody is together for one cause,&226&8364 said Leite, 26, who has lived in Steamboat for six months and works as an au pair for a local family. &226&8364&339It&226&8364&8482s so open here to difference. &226&8364&166 I&226&8364&8482m just happy that I&226&8364&8482m here in Steamboat, and we can make it happen. &226&8364&166 Steamboat is not just an American place &226&8364&8221 at least not in the winter.&226&8364 &226&8364&339It&226&8364&8482s a chance for the &226&8364&166 cultures to get together and intermingle and play a game that we &226&8364&166 love,&226&8364 said Kayleigh Esswein, a SSHS sophomore and member of the Culture Club who is helping organize the event. &226&8364&339We definitely have a bunch of different cultures. It&226&8364&8482s nice to see them all come together. &226&8364&166 I&226&8364&8482m not surprised that (Leite) was able to get that many teams together. I&226&8364&8482m just really glad that it&226&8364&8482s happening.&226&8364 The Culture Club and the high school&226&8364&8482s Spanish National Honor Society decided to support the event after hearing a presentation from Leite, and high school soccer players will make up the U.S. team in the event.

&226&8364&339It&226&8364&8482s a nice institution,&226&8364 Leite said, &226&8364&339but kids don&226&8364&8482t have toys, don&226&8364&8482t have a library. I feel that they need this stuff.&226&8364


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Indoor soccer fundraiser to benefit Brazilian youths

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