How Close Can You Get To A Natural Disaster And Live To Tell The Tale 2009: Scouts Across

How Close Can You Get To A Natural Disaster And Live To Tell The Tale

Scouts across London will take part in a Scavenger hunt which culminates in a natural disaster event at London's Victoria Station on Saturday, 23rd

May 2009. The disaster at Victoria Station, will be a must see event for journalists. Renowned, SAS Pavement Artists, will be recreating a 3D Natural Disaster artwork within in the station to assist in highlighting the important work of ShelterBox and giving the public the opportunity to interact in a real life disaster. The activity is sure to be a traffic-stopping occurrence as the artwork unfolds during the hours of the event, which is to be followed by VIP invite only drinks and canap&233s aboard the historically renowned HMS President, on the river Thames. The charity's aim is to involve as many members of the public in a real life disaster (without the real danger) as possible while showcasing the dedication of their volunteers and content of their benchmark survival boxes. Tom Henderson Founder & CEO of ShelterBox as well as a number of SRT's with field experience will be available for interviews and ready to interact with the media & the public at the event. ShelterBox responds instantly to earthquake, volcano, flood, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami or conflict disasters by delivering their boxes of aid where they are most needed. Each of these amazing life-saving boxes can supply an extended family of up to ten people with a tent and quality survival equipment to use while they are displaced. The cost of a box is &163490, including the delivery directly to those who need it. Every Big Green Box bears its own unique number so that a donor can track their relief box all the way to its recipient country, via, giving the charity full disclosure and transparency with up to 90% of the organisations funds being delivered as direct aid. These remarkable life-saving boxes are delivered by the organisation's highly trained ShelterBox disaster response teams, who distribute the boxes on the ground, working closely with local organisations, international aid agencies and Rotary clubs worldwide. You need to before you can do that! It's only a quick registration process to join the AMA network and completely free.

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How Close Can You Get To A Natural Disaster And Live To Tell The Tale

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