Hornsea Open Gardens Submissions by 2006! 2009: Charity Event

Hornsea Open Gardens Submissions by 2006!

This is a Charity Event in aid of our local Marie Curie Cancer Care fund and every pound raised is matched by central government.

The funds are used to provide free nursing care for cancer sufferers in our area. All you need to do to help, is to open-up your garden to visitors for a few hours on Sunday 5th July. Funds are raised by charging visitors to the event &1633 per programme. You can also help raise additional funds if you wish to organise something in your own garden like selling some plants or something In order to allow sufficient time for the printing of the programme that will contain the list of Open Gardens: A final meeting will then be held on Tuesday 30th June in the Victoria Inn in Hornsea at 19.30 where programmes & posters will be distributed ready for the event itself the following Sunday.

On the Sunday following the Main Event, all participants are then invited to get together to visit each others gardens and maybe share a glass or two!


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Hornsea Open Gardens Submissions by 2006!

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