Greek Charity Supports IV Elementary 2009: Ucsb Greek

Greek Charity Supports IV Elementary

UCSB Greek Week 2009 kicks off tomorrow, marking the start of a charity drive to benefit Isla Vista Elementary School&rsquos science camps.

The week of events begins tomorrow with a carnival at I.V. Elementary, providing UCSB greeks with an opportunity to cross off some volunteer hours while they work with local school children. While hosted by UCSB fraternities and sororities, the events are not exclusive to members. Greeks and non-greeks alike can jointly support the weeklong charity drive for I.V. Elementary through food fundraisers, a scholarship banquet or a Black and White Party hosted at Sharkeez downtown. Devin Chapman, a Panhellenic delegate, said 100 percent of the proceeds will go to I.V. Elementary science camp programs to provide local students with financial support. &ldquoThis offers the chance for kids to go to science camp who couldn&rsquot pay for it otherwise,&rdquo Chapman, a second-year global studies and business economics major, said. According to Chapman, this year&rsquos council wanted to raise money for a cause closer to home as opposed to last year&rsquos Greek Week, which supported a philanthropy in Africa. &ldquoI think [the greeks] wanted to do something that was closer to the community,&rdquo Chapman said. &ldquoScience camp is one of the issues the school suggested.&rdquo Greek Week event coordinator Alex Vargas said the Black and White party, slated for March 1, will be the culminating event of the weeklong festivities.

&ldquoWith the huge success we saw last year, we decided to do it again,&rdquo Vargas, a third-year art studio major, said. &ldquoIt is our way to get involved during Greek Week that is something different from the norm.&rdquo


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Greek Charity Supports IV Elementary

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