Game to help a good cause 2009: Dozen Local

Game to help a good cause

More than a dozen local kids will cap off their February vacation with "Bunco for a Cause," a newly formed tradition mixing charity with

fun. Tonight, 16 children will gather to play a dice game, bunco, donating a $5 entrance fee toward Autism Speaks. The group, mostly first- and fifth-grade students from South Elementary School and Bellingham Memorial Middle School, held the first game night after Christmas last year. "Instead of playing for prizes, we thought the kids could donate money to a good cause," said mom Nancy Cote, who is hosting this week's event. The group has chosen charitable causes with personal connections. "It's a fun way to get the kids together, and us parents too," Cote said. Bunco is a game played in teams with dice. A winning throw is to roll three of a kind of a specific number. The first person to score 21 points wins. The game is played in rounds, with people aiming to roll all ones, then twos, etc.

Cote described it as a variation of Yahtzee.


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Game to help a good cause

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