French cant beat SW19 due to seven deadly sins 2009: Things Cannot

French cant beat SW19 due to seven deadly sins

There are certain things in life that you cannot do too often, and among them is the act of visiting Paris.

A trip to the city of light and Roland Garros in particular remains a must for any serious tennis fan, and the place still has an elan all of its own. Fifteen years ago the venue was at least the equal of Wimbledon, yet even the most ardent Francophile would have to admit that, in the battle between Europe's two Grand Slams for pre-eminence, Wimbledon has now opened up a considerable lead. Scroll down for more Roland Garros: Lacking facilities The walk along the Avenue de la Porte d'Auteuil to Roland Garros has become not just a human traffic jam, but infested with in-your-face ticket dealers every step of the way. It is a problem Wimbledon has got on top of but the French seem powerless to tackle.[ When it rains heavily, as it regularly does at Roland Garros, not only does play stop but there is so little cover of any description that sheltered areas start to resemble sodden refugee camps crying out for UN assistance.

The All England Club's eye for detail means that it has become about the most 'looed-up' sporting venue anywhere. Roland Garros continues to underclub on Les Toilettes so you need to time your run.


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French cant beat SW19 due to seven deadly sins

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