Falconer FBLA To Host Body Language Expert May 29 2009: Falconer According

Falconer FBLA To Host Body Language Expert May 29

FALCONER - According to famed psychologist Albert Mehrabian, only 7 percent of intended meaning is conveyed through spoken word.

The rest comes from body language. Janine Driver, an expert on reading body language and detecting lies, will be speaking on the topic at the Crown Theater in Jamestown at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 29. The event was organized by the Falconer Central School chapter of Future Business Leaders of America, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the March of Dimes. According to Josh Lodestro, Falconer FBLA president, his group first made contact with Ms. Driver after hearing her speak at the FBLA National Leadership Conference in Washington in November. ''I actually went to two of her workshops, she was so good,'' Lodestro, a junior at Falconer High School, said. ''At the end of the second workshop, she said she was trying to start a new program where she went to high schools to try to help them fundraise for their chapter.'' Lodestro said he and his chapter approached Driver following the workshop and presented the idea of having her speak in Jamestown. Instead of having the event be a fundraiser for the Falconer FBLA, however, they decided to donate their portion to the March of Dimes, the official charity of Future Business Leaders of America. Ms. Driver, known as ''The Lyin' Tamer'' for her expertise in the field of deception detection, will give a presentation centered around using body language for sales strategies and results. According to Lodestro, part of the appeal of bringing Ms. Driver to Jamestown is the opportunity it presents for local business owners and salespeople to learn the best way to convey their sales pitches during hard economic times.

''Her show is all about body language through sales, and we know that our area is being badly hurt by this economic recession,'' he said. ''We're trying to maybe have her pass some of her knowledge on to local businesses to help them out while at the same time assisting charity and our chapter.''


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Falconer FBLA To Host Body Language Expert May 29

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