Face the facts 2009: Suggested Donations

Face the facts

:-) Suggested donations We know times are tough, and it's easy to walk into a "free" event and pretend the collection jars for charity

at the entry gate aren't there. But let us let you in on a little secret. If you do that, the rest of us think you're a a--hat. Don't be an a--hat. Tip in the measly $3-5 bucks. It's typically for the a good cause that needs the support. Plus, it makes elephant ears taste better. :- 5:1 That's the ratio of patients to staff when a patient cut through a fence in the recreation yard at the Oregon State Hospital and went on the lam for a day before being apprehended in Utah a day later. A 5:1 ratio seems fairly reasonable and leads us to believe this was more an oversight by all involved the day of the escape. Our more pressing question is how did the patient conceal the bolt cutters he used to escape. Sounds like he might have a promising career as a magician. :-P Majority rule If there's anyone out there who can unravel the current state of healthcare reform for us, we have a story assignment for you. In the meantime, here's what we do know, 51 percent is still a majority and it seems like an easily attainable number to get this thing out of the Senate. Dubya's republican cronies wouldn't have hesitated for a second to ram their reforms down our throats why should they be treated with any less dignity. :-) Healthy Oregon kids

Last month, Gov. Ted Kulongoski signed into law an expansion of the Oregon Health Plan to cover the more than 80,000 uninsured kids across the state. medical, dental and vision care and cover regular check-ups, prescription drugs, mental health and chemical dependency services, medical equipment and supplies. We applaud the governor and all legislator's involved in implementing this program. To enroll, visit www.oregonhealthykids.gov.


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Face the facts

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