Dave Diehl is ready to act out 2009: “it’s Secret

Dave Diehl is ready to act out

Its top secret, he said when asked which hurler he might be spoofing.

Brett Favre Tom Brady Eli Manning It could be, it could not be, he said. Diehl, ever a showman, doesnt want to spoil the surprise. To find out, youll on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. at the Comix Comedy Club in Manhattan. (Photo by Getty Images) But Diehl said the producers of the show wanted to try a little something different and so did he. I love going to comedy shows and watching them on TV and being a part of them (in the audience), he said. Im a little nervous considering the fact that Ive never done it before, but Im looking forward to it. Diehl is doing it because of the experience and also because a portion of the proceeds from the evening will go to a charity he works for, , which helps kids dealing with diseases like cancer and AIDS around NYC. Diehl hasnt had any rehearsals and he hasnt even seen any full scripts yet. Theyll have a dress rehearsal of the sketches on Wednesday afternoon, he said.

They sent me some tips on stuff and how things will be run, he said. Im open ears, open eyes, and Ill go in and run with it.


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Dave Diehl is ready to act out

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