Comic relief Don39t make me laugh 2009: Tuesday 24

Comic relief Don39t make me laugh

Tuesday, 24 February 2009 THERE are some things society dictates that we simply cannot hate.

Those sort of things where, when you tell someone you don&8217t like a certain celebrity, event, television programme, etc, someone looks back at you with a look of sheer horror and asks: &8220Why not!&8221 Christmas, Princess Diana and Andrex puppies are among them. When I was living in Liverpool I made the mistake of confessing that I can&8217t stick Paul McCartney and think The Beatles are over-rated. You would have thought I&8217d confessed to being a serial killer from the Liverpudlian response. But nothing provokes a reaction more than when I tell people that I hate huge charity events such as Children In Need or next month&8217s Comic Relief.

But I do. I hate Comic Relief. I will probably be called fit to burn for it, but so be it.


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Comic relief Don39t make me laugh

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