Charity hits close to home for Matthews 2009: Designation Walker

Charity hits close to home for Matthews

The designation of the Walker Family Cancer Centre as the recipient charity for this week&226&8364&8482s Canadian Tour Championship in St.

Catharines has taken on added significance for tournament chairman Dave Matthews. Three weeks ago, the 65-year-old St. Catharines resident was diagnosed with cancer. The longtime member of the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club had seemed a little more fatigued in the last few months, but thought nothing of it, given his age and the long hours he had been putting in preparing for this week&226&8364&8482s tournament. But one day, his wife Karen called him for dinner while he was watching television. He picked up the remote control and couldn&226&8364&8482t figure out how to work it. &226&8364&339All the symptoms were of a stroke, but it wasn&226&8364&8482t,&226&8364 he said. &226&8364&339Cancer had attacked the brain and you start to lose your motor skills and verbal skills.&226&8364 Doctors at St. Catharines General Hospital discovered the cancer and the father of two grown children, Scott and Todd, has been undergoing radiation treatment at the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton. He has undergone five radiation treatments already and his sixth and final one was scheduled for today. &226&8364&339I feel like a million bucks,&226&8364 he said. &226&8364&339I feel like I felt three months ago.&226&8364 Doctors discovered his cancer started with a small tumour in his chest and spread to his brain, lungs and liver. He will speak to doctors next week about his health status and treatment options.

&226&8364&339Statistically, he (the doctor) told me a month ago I had anywhere from a month to a year. We passed a month and I fully expect to get past a second month, but I don&226&8364&8482t think about it. Every day to me is just a new challenge.&226&8364


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Charity hits close to home for Matthews

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