Charity Cornfest this weekend 2009: Roger Thurstons

Charity Cornfest this weekend

Roger Thurston's philosophy is simple: when you treat your customers like family, they'll keep coming back.

"That's the best part about this -- that we communicate directly with people," said the owner and operator of Korny Korners Adventure Farm, while taking a stroll through his fields. He stops to pick a bright red strawberry, taking note of its sweetness. "We appreciate every family," he continues. "Without them, we wouldn't be in existence." It's a cool, quiet weekday as Thurston tours the property, pausing at a patch of sprouting greenery. "This is our future hedge maze," he says, noting more than 1,000 eastern white cedars were planted last year. "It'll take a few years for it to grow." The sight is just one of many signs that Thurston, along with wife Margo, have big plans for the family farm-turned adventure destination.

That, along with countless hours spent creating two massive corn mazes, spanning five acres on the property, located at the corner of Blackwell Sideroad and Michigan Line.


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Charity Cornfest this weekend

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