Campus Couture tradition continues 2009: Absence Normal

Campus Couture tradition continues

With the absence of the normal fashion scene during Los Angeles Fashion Week it is refreshing to see that the fashion majors at Cal

State Long Beach are still going strong and will be putting on the 21st Campus Couture fashion show Wednesday. Every year it seems the show gets better and better, and Wednesday at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center will be no different. &8220We learn form what last years coordinators have told us,&8221 said Tyler Rodriguez, Campus Couture public relations coordinator. &8220So from that we&8217ve created new ideas and kind of put a different spin on it. We feel like we&8217ve really done a good job this year. I think it&8217s going to be an awesome show.&8221 Event-goers should expect to see a variety of garments from juniors and seniors. Junior designers have the opportunity to design a shirt and jacket, while the senior designers will have a little more freedom to create multiple pieces. This is because the show is primarily for the senior designers to showcase garments they have made throughout the semester. &8220The show is segmented into the different classes the students have to take,&8221 Rodriguez said. &8220For example, there&8217s a class called computerized flat pattern, there&8217s a draping class. Each student that&8217s in that class will show the garments that they made for that class.&8221 Audience members will be able to identify which classes the garments were produced for if they take a peak at a monitor that will be playing throughout the show. Although the students have to follow guidelines in the classroom, they have complete creative control over their designs.

&8220For the most part the design students sketch out anything they like and what they want to make,&8221 Rodriguez said. &8220So everyone&8217s design is different and [professors] don&8217t try to steer anyone&8217s creativity in a certain way. They support everyone&8217s creativity and expand their abilities through their own inspirations. All the students have different inspirations and styles so they just try to make it blossom.&8221


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Campus Couture tradition continues

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