Brady return on target 2009: Brady Progressing

Brady return on target

Brady: Progressing well Tom Brady says his recovery from knee surgery is right on schedule, with the New England Patriots hopeful he will be

ready to suit up for the start of the new season. Three-time Super Bowl winner Brady damaged knee ligaments in the 2008 season-opener, and underwent surgery in Los Angeles in October. Speaking at a Patriots charity event, Brady said he is feeling fine, is back throwing the ball, and believes he will be back for the new season. "I'm feeling great. I'm feeling really good. Everything is progressing just as I expected," Brady said. "There is a lot of hard work that needs to take place, by myself, by my team-mates, by our coaches, to get us back to where we want to be. "It's just a matter of getting to that time. I wish it was right around the corner. I wish it was here now."

"You know, Bill (Belichick, Patriots coach) never likes us to forecast anything. It's like me asking you guys 'are you going to be doing your job in eight months' Yeah, you certainly think so. There is no reason why I shouldn't."


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Brady return on target

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