Blondes march in Latvia to cheerup nation 2009: Accessibility Links

Blondes march in Latvia to cheerup nation

Accessibility links Led by an orchestra, the first-ever blonde parade featured women dressed in pink and white, some accompanied by lapdogs, in a charity

fund-raising event that organisers hope will become an annual event. "I'm not stupid. I'm beautiful and I'll prove it," Ilona Zigure, a participant, said. Organisers said they were determined to bring positive energy to their country, expected to see its economy contract by 16 per cent this year. The parade was part of a "Blonde Weekend" which also featured a blonde golf tournament, a little lady fashion show, an evening ball, and a children's drawing competition. "It's a great time to spend in the parade and contribute to a charity," said Ieva, one blonde spectator. "Finally something different, something positive because I'm tired of hearing about the crisis," said another, 70-year-old Ausma.

The event attracted many locals and puzzled tourists.


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Blondes march in Latvia to cheerup nation

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