Authorities seek to rein in illegal rodeos 2009: 911 Noise

Authorities seek to rein in illegal rodeos

When the 911 call came in for a noise disturbance at an address along Grimes Canyon Road a few weeks ago, sheriff&8217s deputies had

a pretty good idea what they would find. When they drove down the dirt road, they said there were live bands, horses trotting around a ring, roping demonstrations and more than 200 people who paid to be part of the festivities, officials said. For the third time in a year, Francisco Vigil, 43, was cited for a host of violations stemming from what officials say was an illegal rodeo held on his land without the needed permits. &8220It&8217s one thing if you have 20 members of your family and friends over, but when you have hundreds of people and you have a line of people taking money from them, it&8217s a whole different deal,&8221 said Liz Cameron, senior code compliance officer with the Ventura County Resource Management Agency. Vigil said the whole thing is misconstrued, that he was just hosting his nephew&8217s band as a charity event and the music got too loud. &8220It wasn&8217t a rodeo,&8221 he said. &8220It&8217s a big misunderstanding.&8221 Because it&8217s the third time Vigil has been cited, Cameron said she&8217s going to ask the district attorney to place him on probation when his misdemeanor case goes before a judge. He was charged with suspicion of illegal land use and operating without a business permit for the Aug. 23 gathering.

Last year he was found guilty of unlawful land use for an August 2008 event and a month later was charged for disturbing the peace at another event. He pleaded guilty.


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Authorities seek to rein in illegal rodeos

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