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A side of soul

Leaders of Our Daily Bread, Denton&rsquos interfaith soup kitchen, reach donors&rsquo hearts through their stomachs during the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival.

Call it the power of a good, sloppy Frito pie. &ldquoWe call it our &lsquoAlmost World Famous Frito Pie,&rsquo&rdquo said Terry Widmer, board president of Our Daily Bread, which serves a noon meal to poor and homeless people Monday through Friday on the first floor of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 300 W. Oak St. &ldquoWe call it that because we&rsquove been doing it for several years and people seem to know us out at the park.&rdquo Volunteers from the kitchen&rsquos supporting churches &mdash there are 26 &mdash work in three-hour shifts, spooning hot chili onto a paper carton filled with Fritos corn chips, tossing a handful of shredded cheddar on top, and keeping the condiment containers topped off with jalapeno peppers and onions. For Our Daily Bread, the festival is a way to beef up the charity&rsquos operating budget &mdash which means feeding more needy people. The charity has an annual budget of about $114,000. &ldquoLast year I think we made between $3,000 and $4,000,&rdquo Widmer said. &ldquoIt costs us a couple of hundred dollars to get meals on the table every day. We serve more than 200 meals a day. Our average is 175 people a day, so we serve a lot of people.&rdquo Widmer said the soup kitchen benefits from generous grocery stores and groups that donate food.

She said the soup kitchen has a partner in this year&rsquos festival: Sonic Drive-In.


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A side of soul

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