50 Cents 40 Day Canceled 2009: Event Named

50 Cents 40 Day Canceled

The event was named after the South Jamaica Houses development called the &226&8364&33940 projects,&226&8364 which are adjacent to PS 40 school in Queens.

"40 Day" was set to feature a big picnic style party with music and food, according to MTV.com. 50 Cent&226&8364&8482s representative released the following statement to MTV News: "The G-Unity Foundation and New York Restoration Project are deeply saddened and disappointed to learn that the permit for our upcoming Family Day event was not granted by the City. As a result, Family Day &226&8364&8221 scheduled for August 30th &226&8364&8221 has been postponed until further notice." Music Openair, Frauenfeld, Switzerland July 11, 2009 Fiddy said the postponement was &226&8364&339a loss&226&8364 but that he wasn&226&8364&8482t upset with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "People will point to Bloomberg and immediately think that I would be upset with Mayor Bloomberg or the governor, and both of them wanted me to have the actual event," 50 told MTV News. "They told me not to promote the event, and then it got national coverage. Then the fear factor comes in," 50 said. "Can you control 100,000 people being in your neighborhood 'Cause you might not be sure of a turnout at an actual venue, but in the neighborhood, everyone is gonna show up.

"He's gonna look at the police commissioner and ask, 'Is this gonna be a safe situation' And if they tell him no, then it's not gonna happen."


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50 Cents 40 Day Canceled

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