2268364339Out of the Ordinary2268364 Online Charity Auction 2009: 100 Proceeds

2268364339Out of the Ordinary2268364 Online Charity Auction

100% of the proceeds from the charity auction will benefit &226&8364&339Future Fashion&226&8364 an initiative of Earth Pledge.

The off with a private event held at The Way We Wore on Earth Day, co-hosted by celebrities and fashion icons Dita Von Teese and Debi Mazar. The majority of participating designers will also be in attendance to reveal their final garments and jewelry at that time. The items will remain on site for viewing at The Way We Wore throughout the duration of the auction. &226&8364&339We&226&8364&8482re essentially talking about couture here&226&8364, says Raymond when describing the final designer pieces. &226&8364&339Truly, the lucky charity auction winners will be getting an original designer piece not available anywhere else on the planet! The creations are fabulous, fun and inspiring. I am blown away by the designers&226&8364&8482 ingenuity and creativity&226&8364 There are approximately 33 final designer items to choose from. Charity auction bidders will be able to view each garment&226&8364&8482s transformation with &226&8364&339before&226&8364 and &226&8364&339after&226&8364 photographs showcased on the eBay site as well as Flickr, a social media network site at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thewaywewore . &226&8364&339We have high expectations and goals for the auction,&226&8364 says Raymond, &226&8364&339but most importantly, we&226&8364&8482re looking to spread the word about the importance of Earth Day and how each one of us can contribute in our own special and creative way.&226&8364


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2268364339Out of the Ordinary2268364 Online Charity Auction

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